Cat notes: I don’t want to share the love that belongs to me

It might be very well that I’m really nothing special/just an ordinary cat: found, saved, brought to the new home and made into a queen. What I believe is that I was born with this noble title. I have necessary self-confidence, irresistible mystery, beauty and elegance. But I hear gossip and nasty talk about me: that I’m selfish, unkind, antisocial and intolerant, not good in this and that. They say I’m the evil twin of my brother who is nice and soft and lenient, so everything I’m not. Unfortunately, I have another cat too, an unexpected ginger – loved by everybody! Well…I’m not in that game. And again there’s that talk about me: how arrogant and mean I am. Even spoiled! I must admit, it’s not easy hearing things like that about yourself. They are telling me: ‘change your behavior!’ – I don’t care. You wouldn’t either… but deep inside you know it’s not true. Being an animal or a human, everyone has emotions, and all of us, human and animals need love. My problem is that I need ALL the love! All the love that spreads to others makes me jealous, mad and full of envy. Supposedly, my heart is not the only one that feels that need. Maybe it’s true when they say love can’t be lost on others: it’s either there or not. Because there’s always someone who loves you more than anything. ALWAYS.

Queen Ingica